Sunday, April 02, 2017

Muslims fund the restoration of desecrated Jewish cemeteries

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Ilíon said...

It's either:
1) Moslems engaging in taqqiya;
2) Moslems who are bad Moslems, and whom the good Moslems intend to murder at some point along with all the Jews and all the Christians.

Ilíon said...

Islam demands the slaughter of Jews and Christians, but especially of Jews. NOTHING will change that truth, nothing will soften it, nothing will end it -- if every Moslem in the world experienced a vision of Christ and converted to Christianity (*), such that there no more Moslems left in the world, it would still be true that Islam demands the slaughter of Jews and Christians.

(*) as is reportedly happening with hundreds if not thousands of Moslems every year

David Duffy said...

"You could say there is a silver lining in all the hate that is being directed against Jews and Muslims in America right now,' says social activist Tarek El-Messidi."

Who did the hate? Has anyone found the jackasses?

For anyone who has a church in Fresno California, vandalism, destruction, litter, and theft is a weekly occurrence. You just learn to deal with it. There's also the mentally ill and the swindlers that show up. There is never any news on this because it's dog bites man.

Our church put up a playground and basketball court for the neighborhood. Anyone want to guess how that turned out?

In Fresno the only two rescue missions, the home for battered women, the place for drug addicts and sexual addicts, the outreach to prostitutes and gang members are all (save for the government programs--different in my mind from people who volunteer of their time and money) are run by Christians.

You never hear a word about it on my local NPR (which I painfully listen every morning on my drive to the office). Yet, when the local Mosque gets a threatening letter from someone who claims to be a Trump supporter, well that's the morning report. The childish threat is also the headline in the Fresno Bee, which I also read in the morning.

Last time the Fresno Mosque was vandalized it made front page news. It turned out to be a disgruntled member of the Mosque (which didn't make the news). I'm not making this up.

It's good that Muslims and Jews are patching things up in America. Wish they could do the same in the countries where they are a majority and run their own affairs.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that funding restoration of Jewish Cemeteries is just their liberal trick

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Idiot doesn't know anything about what Islam demands. he is not speaking from knowledge he can't document it. His politics demands the slaughter of the poor.

Ilíon said...

About that OP -- Linda Sarsour Raised $100,000 To Restore A Jewish Cemetery, Months Later It Hasn’t Been Delivered

When are you people ever going to learn? Obviously, for the Hinman fool, the answer is never. But what about the rest of you?

Ilíon said...

ALSO, keep in mind, this was not a case of Moslems "fund[ing] the restoration of desecrated Jewish cemeteries". This was a case of Moslems saying, "Hey, Infidels! Give us some no-strings-attached money and we'll spend it on the restoration of some desecrated Jewish cemeteries. Promise."