Sunday, April 09, 2017

A Rabbi argues that governments should provide civil unions and leave marriage to "religious" institutions

Here.  I scarequoted "religious" because it could include atheist societies.


Gyan said...

Civil unions are no good. See the ongoing Lisa Miller case.
The social conservatives should accept no accommodation on this issue,

Jimmy S. M. said...

From the article:

"If the couple wishes to have their marriage consecrated to a more spiritual purpose, (e.g. “‘til death do us part,” “for all eternity,” “in the name of Jesus Christ,” “according to the laws of Moses and Israel,” “in sickness and in health,” fidelity, loyalty, etc.) they will choose to have a religious ceremony in addition to the civil ceremony."

That is exactly already the current situation! I wasn't married in a church, I was married by a civil authority with absolutely no mention of supernatural entities.