Monday, November 24, 2014

James Randi: I always have an out

Discussed here. 

But Randi says that it just means that he doesn't let the subjects cheat.


William said...

Anyone putting that much money on the line had better have an out, just to prevent hustlers from grabbing the cash.

If psi abilities were real and reproducible, using them would be a professional sport by now, and the money would long ago have been claimed by reliable psi-wielders who would hire their own lawyers to meet those onerous contractual requirements for the prize, and then make sure the cash is delivered.

But psi abilities are not reliably reproducible, suggesting that something else is happening, something other than a human ability under human voluntary control.

Supernatural agency would not be pigeonholed in its effects, and beyond that we have coincidence and fraud to cover most of rest of the psi claims out there.

oozzielionel said...

Under a theist world view, it is expected that psi would not be reproduced on demand. The basic premise is that God is in control of His creation, not the other way around.