Thursday, November 06, 2014

Is atheism failing in China?



im-skeptical said...

"And please, not the "we are winning" nonsense again. If you think you can discover what is true by taking a poll, science would not be necessary."

This might be sage advice. Unless, of course, you find the poll results favorable.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Compulsory repression is an ugly, ugly thing.

Crude said...

Hey look, it's Skep. He pouted, ran away to his private blog, but ha ha, no one followed him so here he is again.

Skep, notice that Victor didn't say 'Atheism is doomed'. He just asked a question, and made a link. Learn to read - and comprehend.

B. Prokop said...

Skep, this is not an argument from "we are winning". It does, however, show how Linton's repetitive use of the same is not supported by the data. "Facts on the ground" do not point to any inevitable atheist triumph any time in the foreseeable future.

The situation is China is most complicated. Unlike in Russia (where the repressive atheist regime simply collapsed literally overnight, allowing the populace's genuine Orthodox faith to emerge from hiding), the Communist Party still rules in China, even while its ideological sway over the people's minds is slipping badly.

But daily life in the self-styled People's Republic is so shitty, while the regime's official materialism offers nothing that makes human existence at all meaningful, that it should be no surprise that religion is increasingly chosen by "the masses" as preferable to the soul-deadening atheism they once were compelled to at least give lip service to. (Damn! That's all one sentence? I need an editor!)

And China is by no means the only country where Christianity is increasing its numbers at a pace unseen since the conversion of Mexico in the 16th Century. If current trends in long-time Buddhist Cambodia continue for another decade or so, we'll have to add that nation to Christendom on the maps. The Church in Sub-Saharan is growing at a rate unprecedented in world history - exceeding even during the conversion of the Roman Empire. And "early returns" indicate that Pope Francis has almost singlehandedly reversed the recent downward trend of Catholicism in South America, where the Church is once again on the rise.

So no, Skep. No "we are winning" argument here - simply a refutation of the mistaken atheist belief that they are somehow the Wave of the Future ('cause they ain't).

IlĂ­on said...

Let us hope (in the original and Christian meaning of the term) that *this* time the growing spread of Christianity in China is real Christianity, rather than something like the Taiping Rebellion.

Mike Darus said...

According to the article, Christianity promotes: 1) doing business honestly, 2) paying taxes, 3) helping the poor, 4) good citizenship, 5) selfless activism, 6) reproductive freedom (of a different kind).

It also credits persecution with keeping the church more pure and fears religious freedom will be the pathway to corruption, institutionalization, and a weaker church. This suggests that recent political setbacks in the west will benefit faith institutions.

B. Prokop said...

"and fears religious freedom will be the pathway to corruption, institutionalization, and a weaker church"

In that, they are (sadly) likely correct.