Thursday, March 03, 2011

Who said this?

This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer.  It is a government by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations. 

a) Barack Obama
b) Bill Clinton
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) some other President



Tom Gilson said...


(I admit it--I cheated)

Jason Pratt said...

I would have guessed Big Ike.


B. Prokop said...

Me, too. (Sounds like it could have been part of his "Military Industrial Complex" speech.) But if Tom says he looked it up and it's someone else, I guess we're both wrong.

Jason Pratt said...


Exactly what I was thinking.

I'll be curious to see who it was. The terminology doesn't sound like it could predate early 20th century by much, and there wouldn't be much point to Victor making a joke about it unless it was ironic. (Which is why I thought of Ike, but maybe he's too famous for blowing the whistle on the MIC despite being a Republican.)

Dramatic logic points toward someone like Ronald Reagan. So since Tom confirms it isn't (c), that'll be my guess.


B. Prokop said...

Well, I just googled it myself, and have to admit I'm shocked! Jason, you're WAY OFF (and so was I)!!!

William said...

He also said this:

"In church it occurred to me that it is time for the public to hear that the giant evil and danger in this country, the danger which transcends all others, is the vast wealth owned or controlled by a few persons. Money is power. In Congress, in state legislatures, in city councils, in the courts, in the political conventions, in the press, in the pulpit, in the circles of the educated and the talented, its influence is growing greater and greater."