Sunday, March 13, 2011

Homophily and the Good Samaritan

This piece, from Internet Monk, suggests that the besetting sin that people today are failing to notice is homophily, the restriction of our love to people who are like us.

An ethical genius from two millennia ago told us when we ask ourselves who we should love, in other words, who is my neighbor, we have to ask that question from a position of dire need, the kind of need one would be in if one had just been mugged and left for dead on the road  from Jerusalem to Jericho. From that vantage point, try thinking that the person who takes care of you is too Samaritan, too feminist, too Republican, too Democrat, too rich, too poor, or too gay, or too immoral, or too illegal, to be my neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Suppose Satan made you a genuine offer of help. Would you accept?

William said...

Faustian bargains, anyone?

I like this one better than the 2000 version.

Mr Veale said...

I doubt that Satan is capable of altruism, so no.

Mr Veale said...

One sad set of statistics from Bradley Wright's book was the evidence for racism in Evangelicalism.
Evangelicals seem more racially diverse than Americans generally, and are less racist than their surrounding society. But the statistics are still very depressing.


electric fires said...

Love needs no boundaries...never accept, see or consider. All things in world exist with intentions. When you make or create some thing you have intentions but love is unintentional.