Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is the Resurrection the best-evidenced NT miracle? Maybe not!

Actually, I'm not sure that the Resurrection is the best-evidenced miracle in the New Testament. Of course, it's the most theologically significant. But Acts has a much shorter event-to-writing time gap than the Gospels on any account, and at least the latter part of it is heavily supported by archaeological evidence. I realize this is controversial, but I think that Luke was a companion of Paul, and witnessed many of the events in later Acts firsthand. Since miracle reports go all the way through the book of Acts, I think the case for some of those could be stronger than the case for the Resurrection.


Boz said...

Do you think the Hindu Milk Miracle is better evidenced than the Book-of-Acts miracles?

Victor Reppert said...

Wasn't this explained naturalistically by the Indian science ministry?

Mr Veale said...

I think that I agree with Boz. The case for the Resurrection depends on so much more than when the reports of the Resurrection where written down. I'm not really sure what your point is here, Dr Reppert - have you a particular miracle in mind?