Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Here's a shroud science link

For those of you interested in the shroud debate. HT: Ray Schneider.


BenYachov said...

I remember when the C14 test first came out with a 13 century date back in the day is when I first came across a formal debate featuring the Late AJ Flew on the resurrection.

I pretty much formed my beliefs on the logical & historical arguments for the resurrection without making any reference to the Shroud.

It's might be Yeshua's burial cloth it might not be but I don't care. It's not needed.

Interestingly enough over at James Hannam's website forum

it seems the resident Christians & the Atheist all reject the Shroud.


Anonymous said...

On the whole, I suspect it's the real deal, but if it turns out otherwise, I won't be terribly upset. (Actually saw it once. Genuine or not, it's genuinely awesome!)

Gregory said...

During the reign of Constantine I, he commissioned his mother Helena to retrieve ancient Christian artifacts/relics. Both Constantine and Helena have been "sainted", in large part, due to their discovery of the Cross that Christ was crucified on. Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate the "feast day" of this finding on September 14.

Of interest to this discussion is St. Helena's discovery of a tunic that Christ wore shortly before he was killed. Tradition has it that this tunic was excavated in Jerusalem under the orders of the Emperor Constantine and Helen, but it was later moved to Germany. Where it went from there....who knows?!?

I am not certain whether this has any historical link with the "Turin Shroud"....but the tunic was a historic find, to be sure.

brenda said...

There is no such things as "shroud science", there is only science. That science says the cloth does not come from the time of Christ and that the image is formed from pigments.

Surely someone holds "The Sword of Destiny" and even now Gabriel is planning to release the son of Satan into our world.


Anonymous said...

Far more interesting to me is the "Iron Crown of Lombardy", reputedly made from one of the 4 nails found by St. Helena along with the True Cross. 34 Holy Roman Emperors were verifiably crowned with this relic, including no less than Charlemagne and Frederick Barbarossa. Napoleon crowned himself with it in 1805, declaring himself to be the successor to those historic figures.

Most intriguingly, Adolf Hitler was obsessed by the Iron Crown, and Himmler assigned an entire SS unit to locate and gain possession of it. One wonders, did Der Fuhrer intend to have himself crowned with the Iron Crown if he ever managed to find it?

But the Germans never managed to locate the crown. Apparently, the Italians used the "purloined letter" method of hiding it during WWII (i.e., in plain site). The crown was in full view of anyone who walked in the Cathedral of Monza outside Milan, atop a statue of the Virgin.

Gregory said...

Brenda wrote:

"There is no such things as "shroud science", there is only science. That science says the cloth does not come from the time of Christ and that the image is formed from pigments."

"Science" doesn't say anything. Men who call themselves "scientists" say things...many, many things. However, scientists are busy mounting conjectures and refutations of each other, ad infinitum.

Popular opinion, on the other hand, esteems science as a magisterial rock....wholly immovable and impenetrable to the pick-axe of opposing opinion.

If Galileo were alive today, I suppose he would be the "pope" of the NAS and Smithsonian.