Tuesday, December 02, 2008

J. P. Moreland on Evolution and Accurate Knowledge

This link is to a youtube video.


Randy said...

Poor Mr. Moreland can't escape the design paradigm. Evolution isn't concerned about 'black boxes'. Evolution is not an engineer, not even a metaphorical one.

Also, these intelligent design folks really should use the correct terminology. It is not naturalistic evolution. It is the scientific theory of evolution.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that any survival-enhancing belief forming mechanism that was based on inaccurate perceptions would be highly improbable compared with survival-enhancing belief mechanisms based on accurate perceptions.

Sure, a female rabbit who saw hungry wolves as attractive male rabbits, and who thought that running away and hiding was a sure way to secure a relationship with the male rabbit would not be eaten by wolves. But it would also have a rough time with reproducing. It would need a whole host of false belief/survival-enhancing behavior patterns that allowed it to behave, across the board, as if it were perceiving things accurately.

It seems to me that the longer an organism or a species survives, the more likely it is that its belief forming mechanisms are accurate.