Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Somehow I missed this when it came out.

Richard Dawkins: To say that it took a Darwinist to do the screwing in of the lightbulb is to explain precisely nothing. The obvious question becomes: Who did the screwing to create the Darwinist screwer? And who did the screwing to create that screwer? There would have to be an infinite regress of screwers. And if you invoke some invisible, mystical Unscrewed Screwer (for which we have no credible evidence) to start the whole thing off, why not just say that the lightbulb screwed itself in and be done with it?


Matteo said...

Thanks for the link; I'm the author of the lightbulb post at Cartago Delenda Est. And I've read your book!

Steven Carr said...

Actually , Darwinists simply screw things into other thing at random.

Then by chance, they screw a lightbulb into a lightsocket, and this then gives them an advantage over the other Darwinists still screwing kettles into their DVD players.