Saturday, November 29, 2008

Repeal the Second Amendment

Here's an idea that is likely to run up against some, well, fierce opposition.


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Blue Devil Knight said...

Tom: his title links to this article. His blog is sneaky like that, he doesn't provide text body links like normal people. :)

Evildoer Doing Good said...

I carry a knife on me everywhere because I don't yet have my CCW. What happens when I am in a back alley and a criminal, who doesn't even possess the right to own a gun, pulls one on me?

It's simply looking at reality. If people who follow the law don't have guns, those who don't follow the law still will.

"Only in a nation forged by 18th century concerns about liberty and states' rights do firearms have a hallowed place in the Constitution." Perhaps we need to start getting concerned again about liberty and states' rights. They are more in danger now than they have been in a long time.