Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is the Chalmers review of Kim

The "counterfactual title" is just plain hilarious. I think there is a book like that coming out (pun intended). Its author is Larry Craig.


exapologist said...

Thanks for reminding me about Chalmers' blog post about this -- hilarious! I found the comments section enjoyable, too -- especially (i) Chalmers' comment exhorting others not to conflate *physicalism* or materialism with *naturalism* (as most property dualists are yet naturalists), and (ii) his expressed sympathies with neutral monism. It's nice when the most famous philosopher of mind agrees with you (or rather, you with him!). :-)

stunney said...


No hat tip? ;-)

Victor Reppert said...

Sorry Stunney. You had put a good deal of this in your comment line, and I decided it ought to be put into the main entry.

Jason said...

Jaegwon Kim does defend a type of dualism, but I don't think its anywhere near substance dualism.
I find it very noble of him to be able to rethink his position openly.