Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Diamondbacks 3, Cubs 1

Game 1 of the division series. We can't let the Cubs stop selling those 1908 World Champion t-shirts. I mean if the Cubs keep winning I'll have to stop using the irrational beliefs of die-hard Cub fans at the beginning of every season that this will be the year they win the Series as an example of an unjustified belief that might turn out to be true. We can't have that. But if tonight's game is any indication, there's nothing to worry about.


stunney said...

Celtic 2 AC Milan 1

My team, the famous Glasgow Celtic, the champions of Scotland, beat the reigning European champions, AC Milan, in the UEFA Champions League, in a typical Glaswegian downpour this Wednesday night, despite a shockingly farcical award of a penalty to Milan by the atrocious referee to let them equalize our opening goal.

Our last-gasp winning goal came in the dying seconds, to make it all the sweeter.

Just thought I'd mention it. ;-)

Sturgeon's Lawyer said...

The D'backs will beat the Yankees in a six-game series.

You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Reppert,

This is unrelated but I recently came across a superb critical review of John Beversluis' book (1985 version). It is by Gilbert Meilaender in his collection of essays "Things that count". Have you seen it? He makes some very good points, including that Beversluis should not have ignored Lewis' imaginative (i.e. fictional) writings because they were an intrinsic part of his apologetic.

Victor Reppert said...

The Yankees are down 0-2 to the Indians, so this might not happen. I read a piece by Meilaender on Beversluis in the Lamp-Post (the Southern California Lewis Bulletin), shortly after the book came out, and I presume this essay is the same or similar.