Monday, January 08, 2007

Why C. S. Lewis is going to hell

According to one fundamentalist. HT: Jim Lippard.

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"Here are a few reason why I won't be watching and won't endorse his books or movies.

1. C.S Lewis is a heretic. I mean come on guys, the guy believes in life on other planets, he believes we're the highest of animals. All in all, this guy is heretical nut.

Did Lewis believe in life on other planets, or just write stories about it. And is it heresy to believe in life on other planets? Is it essential Christian doctrine to believe that we are alone in the universe?
2. Some things that I've heard about the book disturb me. I'm not going to dwell on C.S Lewis' quotes in this post, but am going to focus on the books. Here's a quote from one of the books, small but very dangerous:

"The future of Narnia rests on your courage." (Talking to the children who play roles in the novel)

So belief in personal responsibility is heresy?

Now, the future does not rest with us. In fact, God could do anything he wanted without a single soul on this earth. If Asylan is God, then he wouldn't be saying this. God's intentions does not rest on our courage. Plain and simple.

So let's party! Nothing depends on our choices anyway!
3. Imagination is evil and wicked. You call it an imagination, God calls it evil. (Genesis 8:21) It doesn't matter if you think that a little imagination is okay, it's wicked."

Why does this Bible verse support such a radical conclusion. I think it heretical to call any God-given faculty evil.


Jason Pratt said...

The Hebrew of Gen 8:21 can be translated "the devisings of man's mind". Though in the immediate context, the Lord is resolving to pity man for this and not destroy the earth again.

Of course, such an intrinsic evil can be easily extended to include the devisings of this fellow's mind in regard to judging that Lewis is going to hell--assuming he is worthy of answer in the first place. There are reasons why we are cautioned, numerous times in the NT, about judging. No mercy, no fairness, then none shall be given when _our_ turn comes.

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Anonymous said...

If using one's imagination is a sin, then I guess the prophet Nathan was going to hell as well for getting King David's attention in such an imaginative way.

Edwardtbabinski said...

Christians have damned one another for less.

I suspect the person is a Calvinist. Don't some Augustinians, Lutherans and/or Calvinists believe that not only the heart but even the human mind is depraved since "the fall," including the "imagination?"

Therefore, I don't think Vic's red letter comebacks are likely to make much of a dent in the person's beliefs.