Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can Science explain everything

Apparently not, according to Denis Alexander. In this piece Alexander says that naturalism is self-refuting and self-defeating.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious?


This is something you deemed worthy of posting? Full of intellectual insight?


Victor, as followers and lovers of His word, we need to aspire to more than specious, sophistic, and trite "arguments" like this, well, opinion piece.

We cannot allow unbelievers or atheists of all kinds to insist that Christians espouse the kind of anti-intellectualism that this article demonstrates. I will pray for you and Mr. Alexander.

In Christ,


Alan Rhoda said...


If you have some specific criticism to make against the essay, then make it. But if being dismissive of the essay and insulting Victor for linking to it is all you have to offer, then please keep it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

This is a short piece, and undoubtedly the points he makes need more specific justification. For anyone who's interested, they are much further developed in Alexander's book, "Rebuilding the Matrix".