Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting bashed in good company

From Internet Infidels Discussion Board

Johan wrote: The problem is that the plausible-sounding-ness of this line of thought is dependent on selective omission of evidence (or, if you are a professional apologist like Plantinga or Reppert, willful ignorance of evidence coupled with the intent to withhold this fact from the flock).

Being put in the same sentence with Al Plantinga more than makes up for getting bashed!


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Let me be the second to congratulate you!

Anonymous said...

The word 'evidence' has been so abused by atheist apologists that it has become virtually meaningless. It is now a catch-all for anyone who disagrees with you. You need to go no farther to discredit/rebut an opponent than to say that he/she distorts/neglects or has insufficient evidence.