Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An atheist critical of fundy atheism

A breath of fresh air from Jim Lazarus. Atheists, like Christians, vary in maturity.


Will Kratos said...

Hi Victor,

Thank you for reading over the post. I'm glad that you found something positive in it.

- Jim

Don Jr. said...

Also worth a read is Jim's post, "Victor Reppert on the Argument from Evil" (Victor linked to another post).

Jim, you said that when you wrote your post, "Victor Reppert on the Argument from Evil," you weren't in the writing mood--yet the post was 18 paragraphs long! Too bad you weren't in the mood; you might currently be publishing a book. Bad jokes aside, I appreciated the reasonableness in your post. I saw in another post that you mentioned the problem of "causal efficacy," in regards to theism, and the related issue of mind-body interaction. In case you're interested there are rather lengthy--and I'm sure at times redundant and pedantic--but still, in my opinion, very interesting discussions on the latter issue (mind-body interaction) at Bill Vallicella's blog. See this series of related posts--and the comments.