Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A quote from John Dupre

Why does eliminativism upset get people upset? A quote from John Dupre's book The Disorder of things: Metaphysical Foundations of the Disunity of Science (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993) p. 158:

"Folk psychology provides us with the entire resources of language for making subtle distinctions between an indefinite array of mental states. this is one of the main things that language is for, and on eof the things that language users, especially the most talented users, are most skilled at applying it to. One should be astounded and even appalled at the scientistic arrogance that supposes that the dry and highly specialized technical terminology of an esoteric subfield of science should supplant the instrument developed over centuries by the efforts of Shakespeare, Dante, and Dostoevsky--to speak only of the West--and millions of others to describe the subtelties of the human mind."

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Anonymous said...

Seems to this casual and not fully informed bystander we cannot connect this function of the human mind with the organ electro-chemical activity. Should this not be part of proving a 'God made it possible' theory. Not that I am a believer, still, until proven otherwise this is possible. On the other hand cognitive activity is mostly an activity of memonic precedent and relative hardwiring from the environment. Not a good argument but give me some better idea for disputing any of the suposition. the suposition being.... R. Durham