Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mere Christianity Book IV ch 2

Book II Chapter 2
The Three-Personal God
These chapters are an attempt to provide an understanding of the Trinity
The Trinity is regarded as a mystery, not something that is transparent to human understanding.
When Eldridge Cleaver was in prison he received catechism classes from the nuns. They asked students to give an account of the Trinity, with the idea of showing that the Trinity could not be understood. But Cleaver thought he did understand the Trinity. “It’s just like Three In One Oil.”
Some people say “I believe in God, but not a personal God.” Christians actually believe that the God of Christianity is more than a mere person
Other religions see God as less than personal, only Christianity sees God as more than personal.
Some religions say that human souls are absorbed into God; what that means is that the person ceases to exist.
It is only Christians who claim that we can be taken into the life of God without ceasing to be ourselves.
Our attempt to imagine a three-personal God is like someone who lives in a two-dimensional world trying to understand three-dimensional figures.
People had an idea of God, then encountered Jesus, who claimed to be God.
The theology is built around experiential knowledge.
But it is a theoretical framework to make sense of what we experience
“It is the simple religions that are the made up ones.”
Our understanding is based on the “lens” we have working for us, we can only see God if our mirror is clean.
The Christian community is the “laboratory tools” for coming to know God.

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