Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An intereview with John Wright

Science fiction fans will be interested in this writer, who is a Christian influenced by Lewis.

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Jason Pratt said...

Thanks for the link. He has a rather... .... bracing... style. {lopsided g}

Of course, in the 'two of a trade never agree' category, I'm prepared to illustrate at length that Aragorn's reason for letting Frodo go into Mordor alone was actually well-developed in the movie, and doesn't really have anything to do with the writers amping up his self-doubting characterization; itself a reasonable though not strictly necessary expansion of a minor but crucial plot-detail from Tolkien's original work. It just isn't spelled out in a dialogue exposition, unlike the one or two scenes in the expanded TTT movie where Aragorn looks like he's struggling to keep from slipping into a coma while Gandalf Brings Him Up To Date On Things He Already Knows.

(I'm pretty sure that was the most important topic in his interview... {G!})