Monday, March 28, 2005

Resource page for the argument from reason

This is a resource page for Lewis and the argument from reason that you might find helpful.


Jason Pratt said...

Worth noting, perhaps, that Mary also puts up quite a bit of criticism against some of what Lewis wrote.

One thing on her site I hadn't seen before:

"The term 'irrational' has been changed to 'non-rational' part way through. Reppert thinks this means the revision was abandoned unfinished."

Was that in your Anscombe paper or CSLDI, and I've just forgotten? Interesting theory. I remember several years ago writing out an analysis of his uses of 'rational' and cognates (particularly 'ir/non'), in MaPS60. It seemed fairly consistent to me; but that wouldn't necessarily eliminate the possibility that he had intended to rewrite _all_ the 'irrationals' as 'non-rational'.

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