Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Monokroussos on Mormonism

Chess blogger Dennis Monokroussos provides the following resource on Mormonism:

On LDS stuff, do you have Beckwith, Mosser and Owen's _The New Mormon Challenge_? I'm sure you'd find that a useful tool in your box. Also, there's a nifty little video you can find online called "DNA and the Book of Mormon" you might enjoy and refer to your LDS friends. You can find that here. (viewing online is an option), and I wrote a review for a friend's website, which you can read here.


Johnny-Dee said...

I would highly recommend the Beckwith, et al, The New Mormon Challenge to anyone who is interested in seeing a series of well-written, philosophically sound arguments against Mormonism.

But what's my recommendation worth?

Anonymous said...

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