Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A note from Angus Menuge

I got the following note from Angus Menuge, whose Agents Under Fire is must reading for anyone intersted in the arguments in C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea. He wrote:

This is a great blog and the atheists on it seem quite civilized.
Not so one of my recent attackers, who sent vicious personal attacks in
an email to me. I found it quite alarming at first, then blocked him
out, as he clearly did not want to discuss things rationally.

Now, I am afraid you don't need to a theist in order to need to be reminded how important it is to be civilized. And I believe that only one of my commentators has identified himself as an atheist. (If we were discussing the Ontological Argument, I would come across sounding like an atheist, even though I am not one). Nevertheless, I am impressed with the high level of courtesy that has marked the discourse in this blog so far.

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