Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New blog

Well guess what everyone. I've decided to start a new blog! I hope to do a number of things with it. Part of it is to address issues that have arisen from my book C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea. You can find my book here. Partly, I have the idea that I can discuss other philosophical matters, and even talk about chess sometimes. Or politics. And then sometimes, I am going to put things on the blog that will be helpful to students in my classes. And partly, I am here to test and develop ideas for philosophical work.

Anyway, welcome all.

Victor Reppert


Johnny-Dee said...

How long were you going to hold out on me? I'm glad to see more good philosophy coming to the net. I'm looking to seeing how your blog unfolds!

Victor Reppert said...

John: Thanks for finding me. I hope it works out for me to do this.

shulamite said...

I just read he excerpts of your book and Plan to buy it. Spellbinding in parts. Nice to see a philosopher/theologian who speaks plainly and with force.

"another reason is plain snobbery" "few were professional philosophers...etc."

dee-lish... (I have met the "Positivist professor" who called Lewis "a patsy" a thousand times. He probably thinks the same of Aristotle.)