Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Beckwith on Biden on abortion

At Maverick Christian, here. 


B. Prokop said...

I absolutely, unhesitatingly, without qualification believe that abortion is the taking of a human life. Full stop.

But I am also a recovering partisan, and am now a fanatically apolitical nonpartisan pragmatist, who equally firmly believes that the Pro-life Movement made a huge mistake these past 40 plus years by investing so much time, resources, energy, and passion into lobbying for anti-abortion legislation, when we should have been focused like a laser beam on changing people's minds and hearts. Look how much success we've had there in raising a majority Pro-life generation, and how little success we've had on the legal front. The battles in congress, in the statehouses, and in the courts have alienated more people than they have attracted, and given the abortionists the golden political meme of a supposed "War on Women".

I hope the nascent True Marriage Movement takes a lesson from this, and concentrates on raising a generation that will kill same sex "marriage" with the icy non-stare of totally ignoring it, whilst building up the health of genuine marriages in our communities. You want to know what the real threat to marriage is in our culture? (Hint: it ain't the gays.) It's casual sex, single parenthood, deadbeat dads, divorce, abortion, infidelity (a.k.a., adultery), failure to go to church and pray in the home, unemployment and poverty.

Jezu ufam tobie!

John B. Moore said...

I agree with Biden. A fetus is a human person, and abortion is wrong, but the real question we need to discuss is what to do about abortion. The pro-Life movement seems to assume that simply passing a law banning abortion will solve the problem. That's seriously short-sighted and superficial thinking.

I agree with B. Prokop that it's a huge mistake to focus on passing anti-abortion legislation. That makes the pro-Life movement seem anti-woman and pro-Big Government.

Instead of just making abortion illegal and throwing people in jail, how about focusing on reducing unwanted pregnancies? As B. Prokop says, we should educate people so they don't thoughtlessly engage in extramarital sex. Everyone should know about and have access to good contraception. That alone will cut the abortion rate tremendously.

What about supporting mothers who choose to keep their babies? The same pro-Life people who decry abortion try to cut back government programs that help poor people get by. This makes no sense! It's shooting yourself in the foot.

B. Prokop said...

Just to make myself crystal clear, I am not saying we shouldn't support legislation to drive abortion providers out of business. It's just not the best idea to put your best efforts into passing such legislation.

I feel the same way about guns. Speaking as a US Army veteran who's handled some pretty awesome firepower in my time, I don't like guns and do not believe it is a good idea to own one. There are none in my house, and (to my knowledge) none in the houses of any of my near relatives. But I have zero interest in pushing for "anti-gun" legislation. I think the best (and probably only) way to rid our society of this plague is, as I said about abortion, to raise a generation that simply has no interest in owning them. That's where the effort should go. If no one desires to own a gun, there's no need to outlaw them. If no one regards abortion as an "option", then who cares whether or not it's legal?

Since no one in his right mind would ever want TO LISTEN TO THIS, we don't need to pass any laws against it.

Jezu ufam tobie!

Limited Perspective said...

The civil rights movement focused on legal action. MLK received the most press, but the lasting work was done by T. Marshall and others preparing legal briefs and arguing in court. Once the laws changed, they thought the culture would follow. Why should the pro-life movement be different Bob? If blacks can't take a leak in the same bathroom as a white, change the damn law. If babies are being dismembered...

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, along with a host of voluntary ministries are trying very hard to change people's mind and give desperate women options. Perhaps all people know of the pro-life movement is what they read online.