Monday, August 10, 2015

Are atheists and Christians enemies?

No, according to this atheist.


Heuristics said...

Western atheists are just protestants that have some extra protests.

oozzielionel said...

Enemy is a strong word. It connotes an intention to go war. It also assumes that I oppose everything my enemy does or says. It allows no points of agreement. Life does not work that way. Even as we accept the differences between friends, we may unite with those who our enemies on one front but allies on another. His point that we may be family members or fellow employees does not diminish our enmity over the issue of God.

IlĂ­on said...

Well, of course, atheists and Christians are enemies, for atheists are enemies of God.

But Christianity is all about turning God's enemies into his friends: that is, after all, the whole point of it.

Crude said...

Nah. They're enemies.

Frankly, a good share of "Christians" are enemies of Christians too.

The atheists who aren't enemies of Christians typically are loathe to call themselves atheists to begin with. It's like asking 'Are anti-theists and Christians enemies?'

Victor Reppert said...

Surely there are people who don't believe that God exists, but at the same time do not intend to marginalize religious belief.

Crude said...

Surely there are people who don't believe that God exists, but at the same time do not intend to marginalize religious belief.

Sure. They're called irreligious or agnostics. Once someone decides to call themselves 'atheist', it generally signals a whole new orientation.

Not to mention - where are these people? I mean organizationally. I can point at American Atheists, the FFRF, and just about any atheist/naturalist/secularist-in-name society and provide you reams and reams of evidence that they want to eradicate religious belief, Christianity in particular, as much as possible. Where's the atheist organizations opposing that? They don't exist.

Even the 'friendlier' atheists tend to just be good cop to the anti-theist bad cops.

There are some 'atheists' I like, and who I have productive conversations with. But talking about 'the self-described atheists who don't regard Christians as enemies' is like talking about 'the self-described neo-nazis who actually think blacks are pretty decent people'. I'm sure that particular enigma exists, but in enough of a number to talk about meaningfully? I suspect not.

Crude said...

To put more of a point on this.

You know what I notice? With some great exceptions, I've seen these two kinds of atheists:

1) The atheist who despises Christianity, who doesn't shut up about religion in general, who makes it clear they hate Christianity, will mock it and Christians whenever, and take delight in any bit of blasphemy or barb against Christianity they hear about.

2) The atheist who is more friendly and gracious... but who absolutely, positively doesn't even want to *talk* about atheists of type 1. In fact, they get upset when you even talk about type 1. They think you should just ignore them - and their barbs, and their claims, and their influence - completely, and strongly encourage you to only pay attention to the most obscure academic atheists in town. They will make, at best, the most limp-wristed criticisms of the type 1 atheist, and even then their line is that they'd prefer to talk about something - ANYthing - else. Also, a lot of their friends are type 1 atheists.

Type-2 isn't 'nice'. They just don't like to get their hands dirty, but they are quite pleased that the Type-1s are doing the work.

B. Prokop said...

I'd rather re-word your question. Are Christianity and atheism enemies? The answer is an unqualified yes. Are atheists and Christians enemies? Depends.

Edwardtbabinski said...

Is The Atheist My Neighbor by Christian apologist Randal Rauser is worth a peek.