Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Former Archbishop of Canterbury writes book on Narnia



B. Prokop said...

I've always admired Archbishop Williams. He was quite a controversial figure in the Church of England, but I appreciated his bringing into the conversation whatever was worthwhile no matter the source. For instance, when he appeared on Desert Island Disks, a radio program where they get people in the news to name their five favorite songs, one of the Archbishop's choices was The Hedgehog's Song by The Incredible String Band.

Williams also took a lot of flak in the UK for holding a joint worship service in Westminster Abbey with Pope Benedict. Despite the criticism, it was a beautiful ceremony and did much to advance Christian unity. I give both figures high marks for doing that.

I certainly don't agree with the Archbishop on everything (after all, I am a Catholic!), but then again, I am not a sheeple (and neither is he).

I can't wait to get a copy of this book and see what he has to say about Narnia. I'm sure it will be worth the read.

B. Prokop said...

I now have a copy of the book and have read it. It is basically a (very good) sermon on the need for personal repentance, using elements from the Narnia books to illustrate his theme.

Well worth the read as long as you know what it is you're reading. But I think the advertisers have misrepresented the book. After the introductory chapters, it's not really about Narnia at all.

That said, I give it three-and-a-half "Amazon rating system" stars, and am definitely not asking for either my time nor my money back. I'm glad I read it, and will be giving it to my younger daughter (25 years old), who adores the Narnia books.