Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Here is a great T-shirt

Or you could try this one.

God said it.

______ (Insert your favorite exegete here) exegeted it.

That settles is.


unkleE said...

Do you mean at least we have honesty in advertising - and theology!? : )

drwayman said...

"...upon which to base my values and opinions." At least the shirt could be grammatically correct.

Aristophanes said...

I have a question for Professor Reppert. Does anyone know where to direct it? It pertains to the argument Lewis gives against Naturalism in Miracles. Lewis's argument seems to me to be that determinism gives us a defeater for reason. Can anyone point out where to direct questions for Professor Reppert's attention?

Victor Reppert said...

Well, it depends on the kind of determinism. If it is determinism from a non-rational source, then this is a problem. On the other hand I have no choice about whether or not to believe that 2 + 2 = 4 or not. If I am rightly situated with respect to that truth, then I don't choose whether or not to accept it or not.

Although there have been papers like Warner Wick's "Truth's Debt to Freedom," that is not the way that I would be especially inclined to pursue.

Anonymous said...

Great T-shirt! Where do I order one? -- Bilbo (lost my password, again.)