Friday, February 29, 2008

Why the new atheism is illiberal

This is really an excellent piece, from the New Republic.


Jeff G said...

I'm always uncomfortable with people throwing Dennett in with Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens. While he doesn't believe in God any more than they do, he is nowhere near the anti-religious crusader that those other guys are. Indeed, he allows that religion might be a good thing for people to believe in, even though it is false. Those other three would never acknowledge this is a million years.

Victor Reppert said...

Jeff: Dennett has criticized Dawkins on this very point in reviewing Dawkins' book. On the other hand, there was that dismal episode about "brights" which, I think, didn't do him a whole lot of credit.

Solon said...

>>This is really an excellent piece

Seems more so to be a couple paragraphs with no actual argument. ???

Anonymous said...

Samuel Skinner
So many things are wrong it is hard to start.
Lets see- first he says they are ignorant of reality- they aren't, they know there are alot of believers. If there weren't they wouldn't have bothered to write their books.

Bloster illeberalism between to opposing camps. Here is the deal- we already are in two camps- it just happens that camp be is in denial that they are in a camp.
You don't need to unshakeable sides- you only need one for conflict.

Dogmatic doubt? WTF?

Okay... nothing they ever said came close to the arrogance you accuse them of. They don't think they are missiahs. In fact they have repeated aud nausium that there is nothing special about themselves of their views- all rational people should reach atheism.

Uh... Hutchins has advocated genocide against the Muslim world (well technically "hurting them till they change")... so these guys aren't giving Christianity a cheap shot
Wait that is the comments. Damn that Bert is stupid.

Ilíon said...
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Ilíon said...

What a excellent article, small though it was. I mean, if one is into moral equivalency.

In truth, some of the comments are more insightful than the article is.