Monday, February 04, 2008

Richard Purtill responds to Everitt's argument

Actually, Purtill's entire Reason to Believe, an Eerdmans apologetics book that came out in 1974, is online. In the chapter entitled "The Accusation of Credulity" there is his version of the AFR, which I criticize somewhat in my Christian Scholar's Review paper on the Lewis-Anscombe controversy.

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Jason Pratt said...

[excerpting relevant comments from previous DangIdea thread]

In fairness that the Everitt quotes being used by John, are not making the kind of argument Purtill is shooting against. (Or Lewis either, for the most part, though some of the things he says do still have relevance to Everitt's argument as reported by John.) It still isn't a very good argument, but it isn't the same kind of argument.

I haven't caught up yet with what John is doing in his new article today, but I have tentative plans to do a Cadre Journal entry on it. (It depends on how 'work' work goes today, and whether another Cadrist beats me to it. {g})