Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tom Cruise on psychiatry

This is a redated post that I did a year ago when the Brooke Shields-Tom Cruise business was coming out. See the linked paper by Jeff Jacobsen.

I'm glad to see that Tom Cruise is so knowledgeable about the science of psychiatry and has just the right diagnosis for Brooke Shields. I'm looking forward to his comments when he weighs in on the Intelligent Design issue, or maybe his critical analysis of C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea.

Apparently this is not his first foray into this discussion.

The Church of Scientology seems to have a sweetheart relationship with certain Hollywood celebrities, but a far darker side in dealing with common folk like you and me.


Jarrod Cochran said...

If "Doctor" Tom keeps up his rant about people and their problems, your next blog title might be "Tom Cruise in psychiatric care".

Alethes Ginosko said...

Victor, I thought you may find this interesting...though it seems old, so you may have already read all of these.

Aquinas13 said...

Since when does being an actor and belonging to religion that was created by a science fiction writer qualify you to make psychatric pronouncements? Being the full time caregiver of a severely mental ill son I pity this charlatan actor should he ever have to come face to face with one of these medical conditions and positive thought brings no cure.

Anonymous said...

so how many people has psychiatry "helped". lets see 6 million jews died in the hands of nazi ss psychiatrist. see citizens commision on human rights on the web for further details.

Anonymous said...

see insane psychiatry on the web

Aquinas13 said...

Anonymous said... "so how many people has psychiatry "helped". lets see 6 million jews died in the hands of nazi ss psychiatrist."

If you consider any medical psychiatrist serving Nazi ideology a legit example of medical practice then you are as deluded as they were. I find it more than humorous that you would choose such an obvious anomaly as the Nazi's on which to base your argument. Dr. Victor Frankl, a true psychiatrist who spent considerable time in Auschwitz, saved many Jewish and Christian lives by keeping them away from the murdering Nazis. (See 'Man's Search for Meaning.')

Your premises are more than flawed, they are darn right absurd. .(Reading too much 'Science Fiction' are we?) Since when did Hitler and Himmler ever earn medical degrees?

You have committed the inductive fallacy of biased sample. I do appreciate your forthrightness, "Anonymous"

Aquinas13 said...

How interesting, the "citizens commision on human rights" is an arm of the Church of Scientology. This is the very group that is being criticised. Talk about 'begging the question!"