Sunday, October 09, 2022

Shoving your religion down someone's throat

 We often hear the statement "Don't force your religious views on me?" What would constitute forcing your views on others. I take it no one can force another person to worship at their church. So, what would "forcing" amount to, exactly? Can some shove their atheism down your throat, for example.


bmiller said...

Happy Columbus Day to all.

bmiller said...

Regardless of religion and shoving it down people's throats, why have so many Americans swallowed so much alien anti-Christian garbage?
The Franfurt School.
Watch till the end.

David Brightly said...

This sounds like a feeble riposte to moral criticism coming from a religious standpoint. Feeble because it rejects criticism solely for its religious colour regardless of its merits as sound moral principle in itself which could possibly be urged from an atheistic standpoint. The kind of thing that one who tends to reject constraints on behaviour might say. 'Don't force your atheistic views on me' hardly makes sense at all.

bmiller said...

Ha! Take that!
Santa Claus deniers!