Sunday, January 09, 2022

A Debate on God's Existence

 Between Richard Swinburne and Peter Millican. 

I met Swinburne at Notre Dame in 1990. I remember him telling me he thought my rebuttal to Mackie on miracles was decisive. 



T said...

Heartening to read that Swinburne's still debating at all.

David Duffy said...

This debate showed up on my YouTube recommendations. Those dudes and gals have invented an interesting algorithm of things I would be interested in.

I'm pretty sure other algorithms of YouTube recommendations are very different between you and I Victor.

Starhopper said...

I get recommendations to listen to classical music, watch old movie clips, science and astronomy lectures, TED talks, watercolor lessons, Curb Your Enthusiasm clips, and Catholic apologetics.

David Duffy said...

A glance at my current YouTube recommendations/people who watched that also watched this: Torque Converter (Lesics), Chef John's Best Pizza Recipes (Food Wishes), The Battle of Samar (Drachinfel), How a gyroscope guides a rocket (Astronomy and Nature TV), In vaccine-shy Poland, COVID-19 deaths top 100,000 (Reuters), Gloster TC.33 (Rex's Hanger), The Last King in America: Andrew Roberts on King George III (Hoover Institution).