Monday, November 29, 2021

Christianity and partisan politics

 I think you can make pragmatic and tentative choices of party as a Christian, but Christian ought to be, in an important sense, independent of any party. Parties are coalitions that combine godly and ungodly interests, almost by definition.


Kevin said...

Very true. And you can tell when your politics have outweighed your Christianity when those who support the other party for whatever reason are worse Christians in your mind based on that support.

Starhopper said...

It's a matter of prioritization. When describing myself, my first descriptor is "Christian" followed closely by "Catholic". Then come all the familial relationships, followed by Polish-American white male. After that comes science fiction fan, watercolor artist, amateur astronomer, WWII buff, and collector of antique Stilton cheese pots (I have 42 of them so far). Only then come such trifles as political affiliations. Definitely not part of my core identity.