Thursday, December 31, 2020

Is it justifiable homicide if you kill abortion providers? Is abortion itself justifiable homicide?

 Some states—including South Dakota—consider homicide justifiable when it is an act of self-defense or in defense of another person. But HB 1171 would expand the definition of “justifiable homicide” to include homicide that is intended to prevent harm to a fetus in certain circumstances. Abortion is not only legal in this country, but is a constitutionally protected right. As worded, this bill is an invitation to murder those who provide these legal health care services.


Is it wrong to kill abortion providers? I would have thought prolifers would want to keep the range of justifiable homicide narrow. 

For an argument that defends abortion as justifiable homicide, see here. 


Kevin said...

As worded, this bill is an invitation to murder those who provide these legal health care services.

It was legal to kill Jews in Nazi Germany. It was a policy decreed by the government. Would it have been a justifiable homicide to kill those who were legally slaughtering Jews? It was legal, so it was good, right? Jews weren't considered persons, so it was okay. Right? Who gets to decide? The government?

I would have thought prolifers would want to keep the range of justifiable homicide narrow.

You believe it should not be legal to kill in defense of others who are helpless to protect their own lives from aggression?

bmiller said...

The article is fake news from a pro-abortion group.

My New Years resolution long ago assume leftists were lying to me and not waste time running their tall tales down. Sometimes I make an exception.

South Dakota, like most other states, have laws against illegally harming the unborn (see below). The bill is intended to prevent prosecution of those defending the illegal harming of the unborn. Abortion is legal in South Dakota so those performing abortions are not illegally harming the unborn and the bill does not apply.

State Laws on Fetal Homicide and Penalty-enhancement for Crimes Against Pregnant Women

South Dakota* S.D. Codified Laws Ann. § 22-16-41 defines vehicular homicide, which includes the death of an unborn child. Amended in 2003 to revise provisions concerning court suspensions and revocations of driver licenses; relates to driving while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances and causing the death of another person, including an unborn child (2006 HB 1163).
S.D. Codified Laws Ann. § 22-16-1.1 et seq. defines fetal homicide which refers to a person who knew, or reasonably should have known, that a woman bearing an unborn child was pregnant and caused the death of the unborn child without lawful justification. The law provides for penalties.
S.D. Codified Laws Ann. § 22-16-4 defines homicide as murder in the first degree to include the death of a person or any other human being, including an unborn child.
2012 Senate Bill 148 defines the crimes of criminal battery and aggravated criminal battery of an unborn child and provides penalties.

Starhopper said...

"My New Years resolution long ago"

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to never again allow myself to get sucked into one of these utterly pointless discussions about abortion. Not only does no one ever change their minds, but the entire subject is boring to the extreme. There is absolutely nothing new to say. So I will henceforth remain totally silent on the issue, starting... now.

bmiller said...

Too late.

New Year's resolutions must be certified on New Year's Eve. Maybe next year.

Starhopper said...

"Anyways, am sure you are also happy about Biden's win."

I have a bottle of bubbly to pop open at 12:01 on the 20th.

Starhopper said...

Also, after January 20th, his name will never again pass my lips or be typed on my keyboard. He will be like the wind that has passed by, leaving behind no trace other than perhaps a few downed tree limbs to be cleaned up.

"But the Word of the Lord remaineth forever"

One Brow said...

... I am even happier knowing he is headed for the dust bin of history.

He has a decent chance to the the nominee in 2024.

bmiller said...

How should the remains of the aborted be treated? With dignity or thrown into the trash?

Ohio now has a law specifying how.