Friday, July 12, 2019

Of course, there is no proof of God's existence

The textbook that I use in Introduction to Ethics uses as an argument against the Divine Command theory the idea that there is no proof of God's existence. Of course there is a lot of debate about these arguments for God, and there is an atheist side to the discussion. What bothers me in the text is its assumption, without talking about any of the arguments, that of course there's no proof of God's existence. This is a popular belief in our culture, typically arrived at with no real study. 


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araybold said...

I said I would be selective in which questions I would take the time to answer, but in this case, you have asked a question I could not answer, as it is predicated on a false premise. Nowhere have I said that I prefer the concept of "no God" over the concept of "God/gods". This was deliberate, as my position on the matter is not relevant, and I have no intention of being sidetracked by it.

By the way, this question was ambiguous when you first stated it, as the subject was elided.

If there is a point to your questions, it might be helpful if you were to state what it is.

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