Wednesday, June 05, 2019

China and the attempt to blame Christians for the ecological crisis

 Lynn White (and others) lay much of the blame for the current ecological crisis at the feet of the Abrahamic traditions, especially Christianity.

I think the refutation of Lynn White's thesis can be found by looking at the climate crisis in China, a country for years under atheistic communism and certainly no history of Christian domination. They have the worst climate problem in the world. 


Starhopper said...

It's not just China. The greatest ecological catastrophe in the world to date has been the annihilation of the Aral Sea ecosystem. Formerly one of the richest natural regions of all Central Asia, it is now a blasted moonscape, in which it is possible to travel literally hundreds of miles and not encounter a single living thing - no animals, no plants, no insects, and certainly no human beings.

And this was all the work of the atheistic Soviet Union.

Starhopper said...

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