Sunday, May 20, 2018

Does the multiverse solve the problem of evil?

I once wrote a paper suggesting that the multiverse solves the problem of evil. So God could have created a better world? He did. Then he created this world and all the worlds worth creating.


David Duffy said...

Dr Victor Reppert,

I'm trying to understand the post. The Creator made multiple universes, one of them was perfect and ours is fallen? Not sure I understand your meaning.

Anonymous said...

I've argued the same thing: a typical formulation of the "Problem of Evil" implicitly assumes that God could have created a better world — but that He didn't. Naturally, this assumption is never justified.

(Note that this doesn't rely on any scientific notions of a "multiverse" — there is no reason why, if God wanted to create another cosmos, it would have to be connected to this world in any way at all.)

John Mitchel said...

I agree with that,in some sense.

God may have created a world without moral evil, or without evil at all.
He may also have created worlds with evil in it, as long as the "net-value" of a world is positive i dont see a reason why he should refrain from creating such a world.