Saturday, April 28, 2018

Health care and capitalism

Some people think that health care should be an individual responsibility. Some people think that capitalism shouldn’t be undermined, and just as some people can’t afford a Mercedes, some people can’t afford health insurance. That’s just the breaks. If something is a matter of capitalism, some people are going to be unable to afford some things. Here. 


Jimmy S. M. said...

calling it a "right" is just a slogan to me. I would frame it more as something we want to do, like providing a good public education, clean drinking water, police and fire protection. Those things provide social cohesiveness- we're all in this together - as well as economic mobility and stability.

Starhopper said...

More than just "we're all in this together", even the Ayn Randian greed-is-good people ought to recognize that a healthy society is good for everyone, just as a healthy infrastructure is good for the economy, and a healthy school system is good for all.

Rasmus Møller said...

I live under a single payer health system just like it has single payer police, defense etc. It is just a choice with upsides and downsides. It is very much cheaper to run in average but waiting queues seem inevitable unless you have extra coverage eg through your job. The free service is vetted through your family doctor which you can change annually.