Monday, February 26, 2018

Gay marriage, the product of which 60s movement?

Is this the next step in the civil rights movement, or is it the newest stage of the sexual revolution. If you say the civil rights movement was a bad thing, this probably is not socially acceptable. If you say the sexual revolution was a bad thing, you might be called a prude, but you will get the support of a lot of people who thought the civil rights movement was a good movement.


Anonymous said...

More 1984 than 1960s, no? If you can call something "civil rights", it might distract people from noticing whether your position is actually comparable or not.

One Brow said...

Mr. Green,

You think being able to marry the person of your choice has no comparison with the civil rights struggles from the 1960s?

Dr. Reppert,

While I don't see the civil rights label as a particularly enlightening description (there are similarities and differences in the movements), I find the notion of combining the sexual revolution (which about more freedom to have sex) with the notion of marriage (reducing your freedom to have sex) to be particularly oppositional.