Monday, January 01, 2018

Andrea vs. Hillary on Female Genital Mutilation: Who is right?

How can I argue against a culture I haven't tried to understand? Is it relevant that I, an outsider, may find [clitorectomies] cruel? As hard as it is for me to admit, the answer is no. To treat the issue as a matter of feminist outrage would be to assume that one society, namely mine, has a privileged position from which to judge the practices of another.—Andrea Park-1992.

"We cannot excuse this as a cultural tradition. There are many cultural traditions that used to exist in many parts of the world that are no longer acceptable. We cannot excuse it as a private matter because it has very broad public implications. It has no medical benefits. It is, plain and simply, a human rights violation,”-Hillary Clinton, 2012.


Kevin said...

Hillary's quote was the most emotionless condemnation I've ever heard, but at least she called it what it is at the end. Andrea Park just sounds confused by her own ideology.

jdhuey said...

On this I agree with LoL.

brownmamba said...

Hillary preaches truth!

Hillary 2020