Thursday, December 28, 2017

John Lennox's Christmas for Doubters


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The Pixie said...

Lennox's argument comes down to: It says it in Luke so it must be true. What is his evidence that Luke is true? Why, it says so in Luke chapter 1, verse 5. He says we can be certain it is true, so clear we can.

Hmm, strikes me as a little circular.

Lennox is a professor at a top university and a philosopher of science. Does he assume any text he reads is true if it says it is? Of course not! This is something he believes by faith, and because he believes it, he suspends all critical judgement where it is concerned.

And that is a big problem. Luke was not a professor at a top university and not a philosopher of science, and indeed lived in an age where critical thinking was all but unheard of. If Lennox will blindly accept something as true on faith alone, how much more easily would Luke have done so?

I do not doubt Luke was sincere in his certainty that what he wrote about was true, but Lennox here proves that that is highly suspect. Lennox gives us doubters very good reason to suspect Luke recorded any nonsense he heard, because we know that even the most educated and intelligent amongst us believe anything when it is part of his own religion.