Thursday, October 12, 2017

An atheist opposes gay marriage


Though I read one comment that doubted that then author was an atheist.


Jimmy S. M. said...

Terrible arguments whether he's atheist or not:

"1. The primary evolutionary purpose of a man and a woman is to propagate the species and raising children."

is-ought? naturalistic fallacy?

"2. Homosexual men are more than twice as likely to spread HIV and other STDs than straight men, which applies to lesbian woman too."

And what, gay marriage would increase this somehow? (not that it would matter, but I'd expect gay marriage to decrease this rate)

"3. Homosexual men and lesbians are much more likely to have serious substance abuse problems"

Same response as 2.

"4 .Gay are not the proper role models to raise children. Children need a real female mom and a real male dad, one of each. All recent studies prove that children are best raised by a man and a woman."

Even if true, the perfect is not the enemy of the good. (I suspect caring, interested, invested parents of any sex/gender make the best parents.)

jdhuey said...

So, even an atheist can be wrong.

Unknown said...

Regarding the claim that all recent studies prove that gay couples cant raise children well, this is false. All psychological associations (APA, etc.) and university psychology departments would dispute this. The oft-cited Mark Regnerus study which is cited as "proving" this is a methodological train wreck and Regnerus himself has admitted that gay marriage would improve the situation.