Saturday, July 22, 2017

Why the Resurrection wasn't fabricated



Starhopper said...

We see examples of this every day. Just look at how short a time it took to blow open the Trump family conspiracy to cover up its collusion with the Russians to subvert our electoral process. And these were (mostly) family members, so according to Wallace, it should have been easier for them to successfully conspire!

No, the only successful conspiracy in the last century was the mob's murder of Jimmy Hoffa. And that's probably because they offed anyone who was likely to spill the beans.

Jimmy S. M. said...

It's weird that he thinks you would use details from within the story to claim the story wasn't made up. You don't need 120 conspirators for the upper room story, you only need one guy, 60+ years later, to invent the story that these anonymous witnesses saw something. But fabrication/conspiracy isn't what modern mythicists even argue, as far as I've read..

Sam Harper said...

If there alternatives are:

1. Twelve people successfully pulled of a conspiracy,


2. A dead man came back to life,

Don't we have to consider which of these would be the greater miracle?