Monday, May 15, 2017

I'm Henry VIII I am: The Economist criticizes Trump


And for a little musical accompaniment, a little Herman's Hermits. 


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

It's what I imagined he believes anyway,trice down essentially with a lot of BS bigotry and incoherent stud pity.

bmiller said...


I wonder if no one commented on this because they don't want to appear as old as you by acknowledging they've heard of "Herman's Hermits" :-)

Victor Reppert said...

Oh, but it appears in Ghost and Homer Simpson sings a version of it.

My musical tastes are pretty antiquarian, even for my age. I am a fifties music buff, but that was, strictly speaking, before my time. My tastes span from the Louvin Brothers in country to doo wop in rock and roll, but still very antiquarian. With a little old R and B and black gospel thrown in. I discovered Sister Wynona Carr when I was the Jackie Robinson movie 42.