Monday, November 07, 2016

One third of atheists believe in an afterlife



Ilíon said...

No one ever said 'atheists' were intellectually consistent.

Meanwhile, some scientists try to make the 'soul' a natural phenomenon

Ilíon said...

Penrose, by the way, is a God-denier ... who imagines that "the universe" had meaning/purpose and isn't "just there".

These people!

jdhuey said...

"Atheism" is simply the lack of a belief in god or gods - it says absolutely nothing about any other beliefs that person may hold.

There are all sorts of people that don't believe in God (the Christian one) but do believe in all kinds of woo.

I have a Buddhist co-worker, that does not believe in a Supreme Being but does believe in prayer and an afterlife (of sorts).

Not all atheists subscribe to a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural or mystical elements.

SteveK said...

but...but...EVIDENCE and SCIENCE and REASON!

Son of Ya'Kov said...

The problem is for political purposes Gnu Atheists include "No Religion" under the banner of "Atheist" so they can crow about hoe Atheism is growing.

But the "No Religion" crowd might just "lack a desire to join organized Religion" rather then lack god-belief or afterlife belief.

OTOH it takes all kinds to make a world.

So the idea we might have a religion free or god-free afterlife might become a thing.

Nothing surprises me anymore. My cynicism is now complete.

God help us all.

Unknown said...

I too believe in afterlife, the spirit world.
No Gods, no Heaven, no Jesus.