Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Lewis's The Inner Ring

What is it that makes good people do bad things? Religion? Lewis has a different answer.


Ilíon said...

If someone does bad things, in what sense is he a "good person"?

Isn't being good a rather all-or-nothing proposition (as Wicktor discovered at Noìli's Custom Ice Cream Shoppe)? That is, is it not the case that just as TRUE + TRUE + TRUE + ... + TRUE + FALSE = FALSE, so too that GOOD + GOOD + GOOD + ... + GOOD + WICKED = WICKED?

I seem to recall something along those lines being said repeatedly in a certain infamous "Bronze Age Religious Text"

Ilíon said...

^ My point is that one of the more humorous aspects of the "It takes religion to get good people to do bad things" pseudo-argument is the charming belief (and unspoken assumption) that there *is* such a thing as "a good (human) person".