Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Atheism and Suicide

Here.  The Conservapedia has this one right.


DougJC said...

We should pair that with this 2013 study which concludes:

"Although our main finding of an association between religious life understanding and onset of depression varied by country, we found no evidence that spirituality may protect people, and only weak evidence that a religious life view was possibly protective in two countries (Slovenia and The Netherlands). Finally, there was no moderating effect of religious and spiritual understanding of life on the impact of life events on onset of major depression."

My tentative observation is that it seems likely that people prone to depression are not helped by religion except perhaps in avoiding suicide. A lack of belief in God may make it easier for someone depressed to decide to end it all. Ultimately, depression is not a moral issue, it's a medical issue.

Kathen said...

See this for a discussion of the Dervic paper.

Actually I would not be surprised if atheists were more likely to kill themselves. Take two people who are both severely depressed (as DJC says, depression is a medical issue), one an atheist materialist and the other a Roman Catholic. The atheist 'knows' that suicide will mean the end of all pain forever. The Catholic 'knows' that suicide will probably mean suffering unimaginable pain forever. Which is more likely to commit suicide?

Kathen said...

Sorry, I will try the link again.