Friday, April 15, 2016

Oregon State University has a Socratic Club

A redated post. I think there should be a national Socratic club, or,  better yet, and international Socratic club.

Well, it had one. And it still does.

Shouldn't all colleges? Here.


Papalinton said...

University of Notre Dame doesn't.

planks length said...

Hah! Just starting up one of these would probably nowadays be considered to be a "Micro-aggression"!

Ilíon said...

That's because Socrates -- the epitome of those hated "dead white males" -- isn't dead enough.

Victor Reppert said...

Here's a report from a cancelled debate from last February sponsored by the Club:

We are sorry to have to inform you that the debate on Thursday, February 25th on the topic "Is Gender a Choice?" has been canceled. Our debaters were informed that some students on campus are offended by the topic of the debate and may plan to protest the event as transphobic, despite the fact that we had both sides fully represented. Because of this one of our speakers did not feel comfortable proceeding with the event. We are disappointed, but understand.
We hope you'll keep up to date with us as we continue onward.

The idea seems to be that the mere presentation of both sides of some issues is considered offensive.

B. Prokop said...

Unfortunately, Victor, what you report here is no surprise to me. Our youth have lost all interest in Free Speech, and even in Free Thought. And since they were raised by our generation, we have only ourselves to blame.