Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pope John Paul II speaks to astrophysicists

This is a John Paul II speech to a group of astrophysics.

Anti-science? It doesn't sound that way.


Ian Thompson said...

Wrong link

Victor Reppert said...

I corrected the link.

Ian Thompson said...


B. Prokop said...

Meant to post this here, instead of to the thread above this one!

Before it scrolls off the bottom of Victor's front page, people might want to check out the recent comments on Fermi's Paradox on the "Motives and dialogue between believers and unbelievers" thread, below this one (since I love mixing astronomy into these discussions).

Hey, Victor. I wonder if a good philosophical debate about the implications of discovering extraterrestrial intelligence would be a good thread for DI?

And now I am off to Mass.